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The temple complex of Angkor Wat covers about 500 acres that is surrounded by a wall and includes the moat.  The layout of the temple is said to represent the Hindu vision of the universe.  The temple in the center represents Mount Meru.  Mount Meru is considered the center of the universe in Hindu mythology and is the home of the gods.  The five towers are the five peaks of Mount Meru, and the outer walls represent the mountains at the edge of the world.  The moat, of course, is supposed to resemble the sea.  The alignment of the temple also has some religious significance.  The temple runs east to west, with the main entrance at the west.  This aligns with the course of the sun (rising in the east and setting in the west) seeing as Vishnu (the god that the temple was dedicated to) is the Hindu god who is the protector and restorer of the earth and associated with the sun.

Site Map of Angkor Wat photo credits to

Site Map of Angkor Wat
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