In the Bronze age in Turkey, there were many trees along the coast where Troy is located. But, when the country started to shift into the making and developing of iron around 800 BC, most of the tree were cut down to heat the iron to be melted and molded into new shapes.

Additionally, fishing was a large part of ancient Turkish ecology. Because the city was on the coast, it was easy for fishing to be accomplished as one was never too far from the water. Although there are many hills and obstacles,  fishing was still a main source of food due to the not so ideal soil on land. However, there are a variety of plants that grew there, such as olive trees and fig trees, but these did not provide enough protein

.olives Olives                               fig-tree Fig Tree

An interesting fact about Turkey is that the island sits on two tectonic plates (African Plate and the East Asian Plate), so earthquakes were and still are very common. This affected the people of Troy in many ways. However, the Trojans saw these frequent earthquakes and disturbances as signs from the Gods, whom they believed were the controllers of the universe. The earthquakes were used as incentive to change habits or be a better person in the eyes of the Gods.

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