There is a lack of physical artifacts due to the tunnels being used mainly as a shelter. What is visible within the tunnels are different shelf structures that would have help items and possible could have been platforms for sleeping. The other notable features are the postholes that are dug into the ground. This could have been used for support beams or maybe even tables.derinkuyu-1-shutterstock_223177549-webonly


However, with a lack of physical artifacts from daily life in the city of Derinkuyu, there is still the large artifacts of the city and the structures within the city that still stand. Most obvious would be the expansive tunnel system throughout the mountains. These tunnels connected to various rooms, with some being living quarters for those in the city, to holding areas for the live animals that were there. Not all tunnels were meant to be traversable though. And the tunnels that could be traversable could be made untraversable with the large stone doors. These doors weigh in at around 1,100 pounds, had a lock and pin system intregated into its design and are made out of the same material as the mountains. So these door were durable, but meant to be impenatrable.

Along with the complex door, tunnel system and the many rooms, other notable structures that were important to the survival of the people. There were multiple air shafts constructed for ventalation and wells were also tapped to allow a supply of fresh and clean water.