Final Submission – Student Survey Draws Interest Around College Campus

A recent Susquehanna University student questionnaire survey is drawing interest from various administrative departments as they enhance their communication strategies.

The students in Communications 131 conducted surveys asking what news items draw students attention and what methods they use to access this news. As the results were analyzed, other campus departments became intent to learn if their communication methods towards students are successful.

The Information Technology department immediately showed interest in the survey results since they support the “mySU” campus portal. Webmaster Eric Knepp was delighted to learn the continual enhancing of the portal experience properly aligns with the results of the survey. In an interview, he explained how the portal is a campus news aggregator for the university community and that it uses multiple ways to reach specific groups, such as students. “The mySU portal uses both constituencies and audiences as ways to target information directly to students,” he said.

Another department showing attentiveness is the office of University Communications. This department relies heavily on mass emails to disseminate critical messages to specific groups around campus. Many times these critical email messages are also posted on the campus portal under the “News Extra” section. A staff member of University Communications was disappointed that email was not specifically defined as one of the survey choices. A recent switch in cloud email solutions by the university has fueled questions about students’ reliance on email as a primary communication tool. University Communications has a valid desire to know if emailing is still a successful communication method for younger audiences or if they need to intensify their social media outreach.

The tangible results of the survey show a mix of some traditional news outlets, like television, are still utilized by students. However, newer technology proves to be the most popular method students use to consume news. Technology like the internet and social media are by far the most popular methods used by students. The most important information being consumed by college students is weather or traffic conditions, followed by entertainment.

After campus departments complete their analysis, there could be communication methodology changes by various departments as they continue provide information designed specifically for students.



Initial Submission – Student Survey Draws Interest

A recent Susquehanna University student questionnaire survey has started to draw interest from various campus departments. The students in Communications 131 conducted surveys asking what news items interest students and how they access this news. As the results were being analyzed, other campus departments became interested to learn if their communication methods towards students are […]

The Hunt for Red October

GRAND BANKS — A nuclear Soviet submarine went missing in deep waters off the coast of Nova Scotia. The sub named the Red October left Submarine Base Number 10 in the Russian city of Polyarny, Murmansk Oblast on Monday November 5, 1984, but was reported missing early Wednesday morning. The Red October is believed to be a new variant of the large typhoon-class submarine, which is approximately the size of a World War II aircraft carrier.

This new class of sub is thought to have a revolutionary propulsion system called a caterpillar system. This system will make it virtually silent as it moves through the water. An unidentified naval ship builder described the sound that a magneto hydro dynamic or caterpillar system would make sounds as “whales humping or some kind of seismic anomaly.” He added that current United States sonar would not be able to detect this type of sub.


The Red October was under the control of Captain Marko Ramius. The Lithuanian-born Ramius is no stranger to new types of subs. He has been credited with commanding the lead boat for each new Soviet submarine class created over the last ten years. The Russian ambassador to the United States revealed the sub was named the Red October after the October 1917 Russian revolution.

Former Marine and current CIA analyst Dr. Jack Ryan describes the Red October as a nuclear sub “designed to approach by stealth and to shower its target with multiple independent warheads.” He also noted that the bulk of the Soviet surface fleet is now heading to Red October’s last known location. Navy Admiral James Greer held a differing opinion when he stated “The absence of activity in the Pacific indicates this could be just an exercise.” The President’s National Security Advisor Jeffrey Pelt declined comment for this article.