Blood Relation

To be a part of a family one does not need to be blood related. There are many types of families that one can be a part of. All that is needed is that inseparable bond between a group of people. In The Blind Side, Michael is technically in three families: his born-into family, his adopteImage result for the blind sided family, and then his football family. The biggest family that he is a part of though is his adopted family with the Touhy’s. When he was let in by the family he felt like he belonged somewhere unlike his old home. That feeling of belonging would soon end up being enough to help Michael get through the many hardships he would soon overcome.

Adoption is something that can really help a family prosper. It can help a family grow closer and do more things together. But most importantly, it can change the life of the person that is being adopted. In the film, Michael Oher’s life took a total 180 degree turn when he was adopted. At seventeen years old, the Tuohy’s almost did not adopt him because he would be a legal adult soon, but they decided to do it anyways. And when he entered the family, not only his life, but also his new family’s lives changed. Michael would soon finish high school and get his degree and then go on to play at the university of Ole Miss. After college, he ended up getting drafted into the National Football League and making millions of dollars. On the other hand, the Tuohy’s also had an impact from the adoption. Adopting Michael made them value the things they have in their lives more. He made that family look at things from another perspective. He also made them cherish every single moment that they had together. Going back to the scene when Leann Tuohy was having dinner with her co-workers, one of them stated “Honey, you’re changing that boy’s life.” when it came to her taking care of Michael. After that, Leann said “No, he’s changing mine.”. When she said that, she was not lying one bit. As the film went on, we as an audience were able to see that she started to appreciate more things ever since Michael came along. The power of adoption is truly incredible and it is shown in that scene that it can leave a lasting impact on both sides of the adoption.

When Michael entered the Touhy family it also brought everyone closer together. Actress Sandra Bullock chimed in on the subject matter and stated, “I don’t think they realize the profound affect that they are going to have.” (Murray). Everything that happened with that family involved every single one of them. There was a certain instance where Collins (The daughter) was asked why she did not go and hang out with her boyfriend. Her reason was that she wanted to spend time with everyone in the family. S.J. (The son) on the other hand created inseparable bond with Michael. The moment when everything changed was when Michael saved S.J.’s life when they crashed their car. Michael reached his arm out in front of S.J. when the car crashed. The medics said that if that did not happen, S.J. would have been more severely hurt or even worse, dead. Ever since that moment, S.J. went to every game that Michael played in and was even on the sidelines too. He even helped Michael train. If Michael was not adopted into the Tuohy family, who knows where all of them would be right now.

The biggest impact would be on the adoptee, Michael. Michael did not grow up with reliable parents. His father left him when he was a young age. His mother, on the other hand, was a drug addict and did not do anything for Michael. Sometimes he would go home and she would be either all drugged up or she would simply be gone. He did not have any good mentors in his life. That all changed when he was adopted by the Tuohy’s. Leann and Sean ended up being very good role models for Michael. They also did whatever it took to make sure that Michael would be successful. They also showed him his true potential in his life, which is life-changing. If he did not have them in their life he would be in a much different situation. Instead of being a professional football player, he could have ended up still being on the streets up to no good. There are also some people that think he would be dead if he was in the old situation he was in. That goes to show how important adoption can be and how big it can impact other’s lives.