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Above is a picture from the scene where Michael eat lunch with his new brother S.J. This picture itself shows how out-of-place he looks.

One crucial aspect that can be looked at in The Blind Side is race. In the film, a white family that grows up in a predominately white neighborhood adopt a black teenager. In the film, he looks like the odd man out whenever he is out with the family in public. Even in the school that he would eventually attend he looked like the odd man out. He even went to the extent to make a poem talking about how everything around him was white while he was in one of his classes. Overall, he is the odd man out throughout the whole film and he sticks out compared to everyone else around him.

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Another instance where Michael looks out of place.

The fact that Michael was black did not affect the Tuohy family is any way. He was not treated any differently than his brother or sister in his new family. He was getting the same education as them, he was eating the same amount of food as them, and most importantly, he was receiving the same amount of love as them. With racism sadly being a part of today’s society, some of the things that they were doing for him seemed outlandish to others. In the film, there was a scene where Leann Tuohy (The mother) was out having dinner with some of her co-workers. Her co-workers were all white and they were all also very wealthy. They were also very snobby and stuck-up. During their lunch, one of her co-workers brings up the fact that Michael is black and she snapped back at her by saying “Shame on you.”. There are also many other instances where Mrs. Tuohy defends Michael like a mother bear protecting her cub. She did whatever it took to make sure that Michael made it out of high school and enrolled into college. She did not do that for him because she felt like it was her “white guilt” but she did it just for the simple fact that she loved him.