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History of Annie-

The movie Annie, that was made in 2014, was not the first of it’s kind. Annie was a comic stip, that led to a play, which led to multiple movies. The comic strip got its name from a poem written in 1885, called “Little Orphant Annie”. Word about the comic spread like a wildfire and everyone wanted to read it! The people loved it and loved the idea. This then inspired a radio show in 1930. After the radio show became popular the crowd demanded more. Around 1938 Annie became a play and took on the big stage – Broadway. The loyal Annie fans absolutely loved the play. As you can guess, next came a movie! In 1982 the much loved play became a movie that Annie fans know and love. The movie is based in the time period and is casted nearly perfectly. This movie was the version of Annie I grew up watching, and is what most people will picture when they think about Little Orphan Annie. However, the people of the “Annie world” were not done yet. Then, in 2014, the newest addition to the Annie collection – the latest movie. This movie puts a modern spin on the storyline and characters. There is a link to the trailer of the 2014 movie above. Enjoy!

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