Annie’s Life

Annie’s Life-

The story line behind the movie is as follows: Annie’s parents left her at an orphanage when she was only a baby. Her life growing up was tough – some would even call it a hard-knock life. This hard-knock life was led by her nasty foster mother in the orphanage, Miss Hannigan. Miss. Hannigan would treat Annie and the all of the other orphans very poorly.  Miss. Hannigan never cared enough about the girls to establish any sort of positive relationship with them. All of this changes when a billionaire – Will Stacks, more traditionally known as Daddy Warbucks in the 1982 version of Annie, and his secretary catch wind of Annie from their advisors. After going through many struggles Stacks and Annie become very close. At the beginning of the movie Stacks believes that he is Annie’s saving grace; however, as the movie progresses it turns out to be that Annie’s sunny outlook on life saves him just as much. The challenges that the duo faces throughout the movie brings them closer and closer together, it makes them family. This goes to show that even though Annie grew up in a rough situation, and with essentially no direct family life that family does not necessarily mean blood related because she was eventually surrounded with people she could call family.

Even though Annie does not know what happened to her birth parents, Annie had, in a sense, three different family environments that she experienced. At the beginning Annie talks about her real family, and her life at the orphanage with Miss. Hannigan eventually Annie gets adopted by Stacks and Grace. In all of these “families” that Annie is part of she learns different values and experiences different types of love or lack thereof.

In this particular storyline Annie has three main stages of her life. Annie’s first stage of life was not what most kids’ is like. Annie’s relationship with her real parents was cut short when Annie was little, unfortunately she did not know what happened to them. Although they were not there to raise her, Annie’s parents left her with a half of a locket necklace to remember them by. When given the necklace Annie was told that they would someday bring her the other half of it. This is what kept Annie connected to her birth parents, even if she did not know what happened to them there was always a hope that they would return. This hope kept Annie’s connection with them alive. The hope that they would someday return is the only connection that bonded Annie to them. Many families today need hope as well. The hope that their loved one will overcome cancer or the hope that a relationship will not end in divorce. Hope is a very important thing in any relationship.

In Annie’s next stage of life she lived in an orphanage with her nasty foster mother, Miss. Hannigan. The lessons about family that Annie learned here were not taught to her by Miss. Hannigan because Annie did not see a figure of family in her. However, Annie did find family in the other girls at the orphanage. It would be most accurate to describe the other orphans as Annie’s “sisters”. Even though the girls were obviously not Annie’s actual sisters, they were all extremely close and experienced a lot together.

Finally, Annie gets adopted by billionaires, Stacks and Grace. Originally the plan for Stacks to adopt Annie was for publicity. Eventually Stacks grows to love Annie and the outlook that she has on life. Even though Stacks and Grace are clearly not Annie’s birth parents they love her and treat her as their own. Being family is not about the blood link, family is about caring for someone and doing anything to support and help them. This relationship was built off of trust. Stacks did not know how bringing an orphan into his expensive home would turn out, he did not know if she would make a mess and ruin his things. On the other hand, Annie had never met these people. She did not know if they were ever going to love her, or if they would treat her just as Miss. Hannigan had. The trust needed to be there on both sides for the relationship to build and grow. Little did Stacks know, that not only did he save Annie, but Annie saved him. Having people in your life that support you and love you is important. These people are called family. No matter what.