Many define family as those that are related to you by blood, with the immediate members of your family whom you’ve grown up with and who raised you. This can also be referred to as a family tree. However, it is not necessary for blood line to define what family is; family is not determined by genetics. Instead, family is determined by the people that love, protect and support you day in, and day out. Annie was left at the orphanage when she was little with only half of a locket from her birth parents. This locket is significant because it is the only current connection that she has with them. Although she still has this connection to her birth family, she still loves Stacks and Grace Ferrell. The two of them become Annie’s family and protected her from the dangers around her.  

Family can be defined in many different ways. Some call their close friends their “family”, others only refer to those that are of their same bloodline as their family. There are two authors that have a weigh in on this topic. According to Eiguer as he states in his article, “he acknowledges an essential dimension of filiation: The parental roles are not equivalent to the procreative functions—they can even be independent of these”(Eiguer). This tells the reader that although a women can give birth to a child does not necessarily mean that she will be the child’s mother. Yes, she will biologically be the child’s birth mother, but she might not carry out the parental roles that other women in the child’s life will. For example the way Grace Ferrel does in for Annie in the movie.

In addition, Einbinder, states in his article that “the duty of the adopted child is to support his adoptive parents; a reform measure in this area would oblige the child to support only 1 set of parents”(Einbinder). Einbinder’s statement can be concluded due to the fact that he thinks similarly to Eiguer. Einbinder believes that regardless of who your birth parents are, one must treat their legal guardian with respect – specifically adopted parents. This relates to Annie’s situation because Annie could have easily treated her adopted parents with a lack of respect and not listened to them. This would have been a mistake on her part because all they wanted to do was give Annie the life that they believed she deserved.  

Both of these authors define family differently. However, both feel that the role of the parents extends far beyond simply creating the child. In fact, the two authors say that role of the parents are independent of the act of creating. In order to be a good parents one does not even necessarily have to create the child. It is how the parents raise the child that matters, which can also be defined as Nature vs. Nurture. This goes to show that family does not need to be blood related in order to be considered important people in one’s life.