Large Families in Society

         There are many benefits and drawbacks associated with being a member in a large family, especially during today society. Large families are often found as weird and unusual regarding certain actions they must perform differently due to their size. In reality, they are often found to be profession and obedient in performing tasks that must be accomplished around their household. They are perceived by the public as “weird” and “chaotic” for certain daily actions that must be done in a different manner. Sometimes, my mother even believes that handling three children with their schedules is difficult so I would not even begin to imagine the time that is involved in a larger family.

TLC hit show, “19 Kids and Counting” follows the Duggar family through their hectic life with 19 children. All the Duggar children are well mannered in the job that is given to them and the responsibilities that are put upon them. Because the Duggar’s are a large family, they rely on each other to overcome the scrutiny of the outside world who doesn’t understand their way of living. If they were unable to rely on each other, it would be much harder to accomplish small tasks required. With the quantity of everything the family does must being multiplied compared to traditional families, the Duggar family constantly performs chores that directly or indirectly effect their siblings. The Duggar family while very large even for larger families, they are a well-oiled machine regarding their household while simultaneously emotionally stable.