Members of the Rock Family


In the sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris, the plot follows the main character, Chris Rock, as he works his way through daily mishaps and adventures. Chris is Julius and Rochelle Rock’s oldest child, in which he is the older brother to Drew and Tonya Rock, his younger siblings (Fandom).


Drew Rock, played by Tequan Richmond, is Chris’s 11-year-old younger brother in Everybody Hates Chris (Fandom). Chris often expresses his frustration with how whether it’s with their parents or getting girls, Drew always seems to outdo his older brother. Throughout the sitcom, you will find Chris attempting to compete with his younger brother, just as any other pair of siblings often do.


Julius Rock, played by Terry Crews, is the father and head of the household for the Rock family (Fandom). Julius works hard to support for his family, working multiple jobs throughout the series. Although Julius often times shows tough love to his children, particularly Chris, Julius finds it necessary considering the environment that his children are being brought up in. Through the instillment of good values and hard work, Julius acts as a firm yet passionate patriarch of the Rock family.


Rochelle Rock, played by Tichina Arnold, is the mother of Chris and his younger siblings in Everybody Hates Chris (Fandom). Throughout the series, Rochelle is depicted as a strong spoken, independent, and caring wife and mother. With her husband, Julius, working multiple jobs, Rochelle takes on much of the responsibility of overseeing the progress and well-being of her children both in school and in the household.


Tonya Rock, portrayed by Imani Hakim, is the youngest of Chris’ siblings depicted in the sitcom (Fandom). Often times, throughout Everybody Hates Chris, Tonya is Chris’ responsibility while his parents, Julius and Rochelle, are not present. This then leads to traditional brother-sister disputes as Tonya frequently threatens to tell on Chris for a number unfortunate turns of events.