The Friends

The Origin Family

Family from Friendship

In this group of friends family is born from a long life together together, and everyone treats each other with the respect that you would get from another family member. They have their hard times as does every family. With the addition of potential slavery and or death looming above their heads if they are ever found out by Vaas or Hoyt, this family is thrown into a survival situation and they need whatever help they can get. They also help each other and talk to each other about the things that happend to them, except Keith. Everyone else but Jason stays in a cave under a doctor of a sort’s house where they find a boat that needs some repairs but can be functional again, that is their plan, to escape by boat. Whenever Jason saves another one of their friends, they help with repairing the boat with the supplies they have and whatever they can get from the doctor.

 Their affect on Jason’s mind

You could argue the fact that Jason’s friends started his path down into madness, it was because he has to go and save them that he starts his killing rampage. While it might have been a situation that could have been avoided, it still happened. Had Grant been the one that survived escaping Vaas’s camp, there probably wouldn’t be as much of a mentality issue, considering Grant was in the army before taking this vacation. Still in the end Jason is the one that survived and took it upon himself to save the rest of his friends, Grant would have wanted that. With every meeting in the cave Daisy and Liza express concern for Jason and his actions, always questioning him, and asking if he was alright. Throughout the game Daisy understands more than most that Jason is doing the hard work around here and lets him do so, but also telling Jason that she is here if he needs someone to talk to.  Liza is accepting in the beginning because Jason needs to save everyone else that he can, but halfway through the game she can see the problems that his actions are causing to him, she says stuff like “You’re carrying around all these weapons, and you have all these weird tattoos. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go rescue them. I’m just worried it’s affecting you” (Far Cry 3 Ch 15), and “You’re all grown up. I’ve been waiting for this forever. And, now you’re leaving me” (Far Cry 3 Ch 26). In the first quote she has concern because its something that she has never seen Jason doing before, but like with Daisy she lets him go because he has a mission he needs to get done. However, in the latter quote she knows she lost him. The all grown up comment, is probably due to the fact of his party-focused lifestyle and immature personality being replaced with this hardened and manly person he has become. However this causes him to grow distant from the others, and makes it harder for him to leave the island eventually choosing to stay when he and his friends have the possibility of leaving. “In addition, homicide survivors contend with economic stressors, intrusion of the media and justice systems, stigmatization, thoughts of revenge, and strained relationships with family members” (Rheingold).