The Pirates

Not a Family but a Business

The Pirates


In the world of Far Cry 3 the main antagonist are “The Pirates.” The pirates took over the Rook Islands to run their slave trading business. Jason, Grant, Riley, and their friends are captured by these pirates and are to be sold into slavery, however things dont go their way this time. With Jason’s escape he is able to go around foil their plan to rule over the people of the Rook Islands, and suppress the Rakyat.

Their affect on Jason’s Mind

There are two main people in the pirates faction that Jason has a vendetta against both Vaas and Hoyt, the two rulers of the Rook Islands. Vaas because, he killed his older brother Grant right in front of his eyes, and Hoyt because he’s the reason this whole situation happened in the first place. “Later reactions often include feelings of isolation, helplessness, fear and vulnerability, guilt or self-blame, nightmares and a desire for revenge” (Nova). Because Jason has such a need for revenge against these two, he doesn’t spend the time he needs to calm down. Jason is thrown into a peculiar situation, where he is always needing to go against the pirates to stop them or they might find where he and his friends are hiding, this leads to Jason constantly fighting both a battle in his head and one in his real world. “You know, I never thought, I’ll be able to kill somebody. The first time it felt wrong, which is good right? But now, it feels like winning…” (Far Cry 3).