The Rakyat

A Tribal Family

The Rakyat

A close net family of tribal members, if you don’t have Rakyat blood in you, you are considered an outsider, and are not allowed in the inner sanctums, you are also constantly under watch by the Rakyat while near their temple until you are considered a part of the tribe. Family’s like these aren’t really seen in public, however they are based of the native Maori peoples of New Zealand and they share the same accents when speaking in English.

Being a part of the Family

Jason, is first brought to the Rakyat to be introduced as the man who will bring Vass down. The tribes leadrer Citra tells Jason that he must prove himself by retrieving an ancient knife to the Rakyat people. After Jason retrieves the Silver Dragon knife and proves himself, he is allowed membership into the tribe, and is considered a part of their family, he is the second person to do this, Dennis was the first. Now that Jason had become a part of their family he helps protect them whenever he can. through-out the game it’s possible for both pirates and Rakyat members to encounter each other which will start a fight between them and you’re able to fight along them.

Mental Struggles

With the Rakyat Jason finds solace where he wouldn’t find it with his friends, With the addition of the Tatu on Jason’s arm it drives him closer to the Rakyat, and he feels that he belongs with them. With the knowing of his two brothers dead, Jason is desperate to find a place where he belongs, and he has no one that is trained to talk about these things in his friend group. “Victims of homicide need really special specialized training…” (Staffor). Those who have gone through a loss of a close family member are often neglected and aren’t treated in the way that they should be because most people don’t know how to handle a person like that. This leads to Jason’s slow downward spiral into madness.