Family Emphasis

The fast family emphasizes the value of shared hopes, aspirations, and the actions of one-self. These are common aspects that members of traditional families often share. It was determined in a psychological study that when low income families were asked about their hopes for the future five main themes surfaced. The five themes that emerged are “the desire for stability, agency, and control; ideal home life; values in the home; aspirations for children; and obstacles that keep them from achieving them.” (8) The Fast and Furious movies clearly establish the desire for the first four themes of desires for the future.

Stability, agency, and control refer to having a routine life without worries of work, finance, and home life. In Fast and Furious movies a pattern becomes clear, Mia says “there is always another Job” she is tired of being on the run and wants to settle down and be a family without the risk of losing anymore of her family. Dominic and Brian try and solve this problem by upping the anti with one last job, that would make it possible for them to live together with financial security for the rest of their lives.


Part of the stability comes in having a home where a family can grown in over time. When one thinks of home they often think of where they have the most stored memories. After the fast family have stolen their clean states, their past catches up with them when agent Hobbs enlists the crew’s help to take down a mercenary by the name of Owen Shaw. They agree for the price of 1327 the address of the Toretto’s family home where the first movie took place, The Fast and The Furious (2001). With the establishment of their lives back in the original home the old home values return. The final scene in Fast and Furious 6(2013), captures a family barbecue where everyone is sat around one table with Dominic at the head. As tradition, Roman is required to bless the table after taking the first bite. This final scene shows the true essence of family life and home values. Lastly, an important family value that is shared in the fast and furious family is the aspirations for children. In Fast 5 (2011) Mia announces to Dom and Brian that she is pregnant and the main priority for them is making sure they clear their slates so the baby is not part of a broken family. They will be financially prepared for the birth of the baby if they manage to pull off robbing Hernan Reyes.