Fast and Furious Timeline

The Fast and the Furious (2001) –

Los Angeles cop Brian O’Connor goes undercover to investigate the Toretto crew after a series of truck robberies. When a local street race is busted by police, O’Connor saves Dom from being picked up which helps him infiltrate the family/crew. Once Brian is trusted by Dom he starts to develop a romantic relationship with Dominic’s younger sister Mia. At the end of the movie it comes out that Brian is a cop when he calls a medivac for Vince after a job goes bad. Later in the movie, Jesse is gunned down by rival Korean Gang head Johnny Tran. Brian and Dom chase him down, in the process they kill Tran and his accomplice. The movie ends with a race that Brian wins and Dom’s car is totaled, Brian gives Dom his keys as a reparation from earlier in the movie, thus keeping Dom out of handcuffs. (1)

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) –

The second movie introduces two newbies Roman Pierce and Tej Parker without the original Toretto family. After releasing Dominic Toretto in the end of the last movie now-former cop Brian O’Connor is hiding in Miami with the help of his friend Tej Parker. U.S. Custom officer Monica Fuentes discovers O’Conner after an illegal street race. He is offered a deal of a clean record and freedom if he goes undercover and helps bring down Miami’s biggest money launderer, Carter Verone. O’Connor agrees under the condition that his old friend Roman Pearce can accompany him if offered the same deal. They both get jobs as drivers for Verone and get him put away. They are given their freedom and manage to get away with some of Verone’s cash.(2)

Fast and Furious (2009) –

Dominic and his crew have moved on the jacking feul trucks in the Dominican Republic. Fearing the reprisals his presence might bring to his family and friends, Dom flees to Panama City. Later Mia contacts him to tell him that his co-part Letty has been murdered and Dom returns to L.A. to find her killer. Meanwhile, Brian is working with the FBI, investigating a drug cartel led by Arturo Braga, his lieutenant Gisele Yashar, and enforcer Fenix. Dom find out that Letty was undercover for Brian when she was murdered which causes some strife and they both decide to infiltrate Braga’s operation to find out what happened to Letty and get revenge. Brian and Dom with the help of Gisele lure Braga into a trap in return for a pardon for Dom. At the end, Dom saves Brian’s life by killing Fenix. Instead of running, Dom allows himself to be arrested and is taken to prison to serve a life sentence at Lompoc. Brian, Mia, Tego, Leo, and Rico overtake the prison bus to free Dom before the movie cuts out. (3)

Fast Five (2011) –

Brian, Dom, Mia, Vince, Roman, Tego, Rico, Han, Gisele, Tej, all come back together for a trip to Rio. After Dom is sprung from prison they flee an international man hunt. Months later Brian and Mia travel to Rio de Janerio is search of Dom but instead find Vince. Brian and Mia want to settle down after they discover that she is pregnant. Vince offers Brian and Mia a job stealing cars from a moving train to help them get some money. On the train, Dom shows up and they realize they are trying to steal cars from under the DEA. Brian and Dom decide to change the plan and send Mia away in one of the cars (the most important). Gang members start shooting and kill the two DEA agents which allows Dom and Brian a chance to escape. Because of the DEA murders, Diplomatic Security agent Luke Hobbs is brought in to bring down Dom’s crew for good. Inside the GT40 they uncover a chip that account for all the money houses in Rio that belong to Hernan Reyes a drug trafficker.  With Hobbs on the hunt Brian and Dom conceive a plan to steal Reyes money to buy their clean slates. Dom and Brian assembles a crew of Roman, Tego, Han, Gisele, Tej to help them complete the job. Things don’t go as planned when the team gets ambushed by Hobbs special forces. The transportation convoy is attacked by Reyes mafia and Hobb’s partners are killed. Hobb’s would have been killed as well if Dominic’s crew had not escaped cuffs and taken up arms against the shooters. Hobb’s is grateful for Dominic’s actions and agrees to help Dom steal from Reyes to get his vengeance for his partners. (4)

Fast and Furious 6 (2013) –

A new crew lead by mercenary Owen Shaw is tearing up London and agent Hobbs is investigating the case. He knows if he wants to take down Shaw he will have to call in a different king of crew. Agent Hobb’s bates Dom with evidence that Letty is still alive after they thought she had been murdered by Fenix. Brian and Dom decide to step away from there quiet life to bring Letty home. The crew stops Shaw from using his nightshade device but Shaw winds up in a coma. However the movie ends on a good note when the family sits down to a barbecue and Letty is back although she is still lacking her memories.(5)

Furious 7 (2015) –

Shaw’s older brother seeks revenge for his brother being put in a coma and goes after Dom’s family. After killing Han, older brother Deckard Shaw, blows up Dom’s family home to send a message. In order to stop Deckard the crew teams up with a new government agency. The crew takes a task of retrieving a kidnapped computer hacker who has a top-of-the-line computer surveillance program in exchange for the governments help in taking down Deckard Shaw. The mission almost gets Dom killed but is enough to bring back Letty’s memories of Dom. (6)