Getting to Know the Gilmore Girls

Emily Gilmore:  

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Emily Gilmore – Photo added to by Virvar.

She is the matriarch power house of the Gilmore home.  She and her husband, Richard Gilmore, live a high class lifestyle in Hartford, Conneticut, and she works hard to uphold her image as a respectable, wealthy woman.  While she often comes off as cold and stern, deep down Emily has a soft, loving side.  She deeply cares about her family (and sometimes it can be seen) and has the best intentions when it comes to taking care of them.

Lorelai Gilmore:

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Lorelai is Emily’s only daughter who did not follow the life path that Emily intended for her.  Lorelai got pregnant at sixteen years old, and instead of marrying the somewhat willing father, Christopher, she left home and moved to Stars Hollow.  A wonderful woman who owned the Independence Inn gave Lorelai a place to stay and a job at the Inn.  Lorelai had her daughter, Rory, and raised her by herself and with the help of the Inn workers and caring townspeople.  As the years went by, Lorelai eventually became the manager at the inn, and later in the series, she opened her own inn with her best friend.  Because of the way Lorelai left her parents and had a child out of wedlock, she does not have to best relationship with her parents, especially with her mother.  Lorelai tries to have as little contact with them as possible.  Besides with her parents, Lorelai is a friendly, chatty woman who is know for her addiction to coffee and junk food (which has rubbed off on Rory), and for her obnoxious outfits.

Rory Gilmore:

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Rory is sixteen years old and almost just like her mother except more responsible, innocent, and dedicated to school.  She was valedictorian of her private high school, and her dream was to attend Harvard University, but she ends up attending her grandfather’s alma mater, Yale University, instead.  All her life, Rory was extremely intelligent, organized, and known as the “perfect” child.  She can often be found with her nose in a book or studying.  Sometimes she is known to be more of the parent in the relationship than Lorelai is.  Rory considers all of Stars Hollow her family because they all had a part in raising her essentially.  Her and her mother both deeply love their town, and despite what Emily thinks, they wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.