Rory and Lorelai’s Relationship

These two are often found eating endless amounts of junk food together and watching classic movies.
Photo was found on USCAnnenbergMedia, and was accredited to The CW.

Lorelai’s parents weren’t the warm and fuzzy parents; they were more concerned with upholding their image.  Lorelai, on the other hand, cares more about her own happiness and the happiness of her daughter.  She raised Rory in a small little home by the inn that she worked at, and this caused them to form a bond that is stronger and unlike most mothers and daughters.  They are each other’s best friends and confidants.  While being best friends, Lorelai still managed to raise Rory into a friendly, independent, strong, kind, respectful, and extremely intelligent woman.

Some argue that parents and children should not be best friends. There needs to be some sort of hierarchy, and the parent needs authority.  Some doubt that it is possible for a parent to be best friends with their child and still have control over them.  Essentially, these two defy those odds.  Psychoanalyst Dr. Jennifer Kunst was interviewed about how realistic Rory and Lorelai’s relationship was.  She said that when children are young, friendship is an important part of the relationship, but discipline is needed so much more that friendship cannot be the focus of the relationship. However, when kids get older and start going off on their own, like Rory, the friendship can be reestablished because hopefully the discipline has already been put in place and practice for years (Kis, 2014).  The child no longer needs to have their hand held on a daily basis, and the parent and child can have a more friend-like relationship.


(Sherman-Palladino “The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale”)
This first clip perfectly depicts the close relationship between these two women.  They depend on each other and their friendship is everything to them.


(Sherman-Palladino “Rory’s Dance”)
This second clip is a continuation of the video showing Lorelai and Emily’s fight on the previous page.  This is an example showing that even Lorelai and Rory who have a wonderful relationship still experience the same thing that typical mothers and daughters experience. Lorelai scolds Rory and then, they argue like probably every mother and daughter do at some point.