The Story

Lilo and Stitch is a Disney animated film released in 2002. The story focus’ on a rogue genetic experiment alien, Stitch who escaped confinement and crash landed on Earth. He then enters the lives of Lilo and Nani, two orphan sisters.

Nani, Lilo, and Stitch surfing

Nani is responsible for taking care of her younger sister Lilo. Nani struggles to take care of her rambunctious sister who is always finding herself in trouble and also find a job so she can provide for the both of them. Because of this struggle, Nani is constantly being watched by social workers who want to place Lilo in a foster home. Nani is determined to keep her sister with her because she strongly values “‘Ohana”. A visit with the head social worker doesnt go well and he gives Nani two weeks to get a job and set things right. To try and make Lilo happier, she allows Lilo to adopt a dog. This is were Stitch comes onto their lives. The girls adopt stitch thinking he was a dog but they soon discover that he is no ordinary dog. Lilo tries to teach stitch to be a “model citizen” and about the values of the Hawaiian culture. Stitch end up getting Lilo into more trouble while he’s trying to avoid getting caught and they end up ruining Nani’s chance to get a job which leads to the social workers deciding to take away Lilo.

While Nani is trying to prevent Lilo from being taken away, the aliens in charge of Stitch were trying to capture him. Knowing they didn’t want to hurt or scare any of the humans, Stitch had been using Lilo as a shield from the other aliens. When Lilo is about to be taken away, the captain of the aliens shows up and captures both Lilo and Stitch since the other aliens were taking too long. Stitch manages to escape but Lilo is left behind. Stitch ends up saving Lilo, remembering the meaning of ‘Ohana which is that no one gets left behind.

The aliens who were going to take stitch away now see that he has learned to be good and love his family. They decide to “exile” stitch to Earth and that he will be left in the care of Lilo and Nani. The aliens who were hunting down Stitch were welcomed into the family and they all lived happily together.

Family picture of Nani and her boyfriend, Lilo and Stitch, the other aliens and the social worker