The Themes Displayed in Lilo and Stitch



Ohana is clearly displayed throughout the whole movie. The characters often remind each other how important the meaning of the word is. Though it is very easy to find how the general meaning of Ohana is displayed, the deeper meaning of Ohana can also be found in the movie.

Ohana doesn’t just mean family, it means the unity of any group of people. By the end of the movie, the sisters and the aliens are brought together and become something like a family. This is displaying Ohana by showing the connections these strangers have made and they will now always care for each other.

You can also find the deeper meaning of Ohana displayed in the people who try to help the sisters throughout the movie. Lilo’s hula dancing teacher tries to help Nani with Lilo and offers his support. Nani’s boyfriend also does all he can do to help Nani find a job and he helps to take care of Lilo and Stitch. These people are displaying Ohana and they are not blood related to the sisters at all.

You can also see Stitch start to learn what Ohana really means. He starts to care for the girls and when asked who they are he says “This is my family. It’s little and broken, but still good”

Foster Care and Adoption 

Foster care can be seen throughout the movie in the struggle to keep Lilo with Nani and not in a foster home. The social worker can be seen as the “bad guy” in this movie because he is the one trying to take Lilo away. Nani tries very hard to support for Lilo by getting a job but she has a hard time to find one. Without parents, Nani is forced to be Mom, Dad, and sister for Lilo and it is very easy to see the pressure it puts on Nani. Though it is all very hard for Nani, she still never wanted Lilo to be taken away because she know’s how important it is for the both of them to stay together.

Adoption can be seen when Lilo adopts Stitch. Lilo tries her best to educate Stitch on the culture and values of Hawaii. Lilo takes stitch surfing, teaches him to hula dance, and teaching him about the meaning of ‘Ohana.

Lilo teaching Stitch to hula dance

Lilo also teaches him about how to be a “model citizen” by using Elvis Presley as the example model citizen. All of this that Lilo does helps Stitch to learn about how to live in the culture and society that he has been adopted into.

Stitch dressed up as Elvis Presley