Step Back From Politics, and Value the Meaning of Family in Avatar

Do you want to be immersed into the world of Avatar, and take a step into something truly spectacular? Click on the picture to your left, to become one with the events in 2154.


Avatar is a science fiction film that was produced by James Cameron in 2009. The film takes place in the year 2154, where Cameron based this film off both the inhabitants of Earth, and the Na’vi tribe of Pandora struggling over the scarcity of resources. The premise of the movie, is that inhabitants of Earth are running out of natural resources and are in dire need to expand travel to the distant planet of Pandora. These resources include, but are not limited to, the valuable mineral known as unobtanium. However, the people of Earth are faced with one obstacle to overcome if they are to effectively and efficiently harvest materials from Pandora. A government organization knew that Pandora was inhabited by a native species known as the Na’vi, and as a result, resorted to the research and development of genetically modified human-hybrids that could interact with the Na’vi. The initial development of this hybrid Na’vi, was the beginning of the end for peaceful cultural interconnection between humans and the Na’vi.

 To witness this conflict first hand, the audience is placed in a subversive viewpoint through the eyes of the main characters Jake Sully, and Neytiri. These main characters introduce us to the main conflict of the movie which ultimately results in the reunion of both civilizations. The mission for unobtanium turns into something so much more destructive and chaotic then anyone could have imaged, leaving a pressing message to all who witnessed its events. The people of Earth began to realize that their good intentions for the people of Earth, ended up creating a void between what is considered both ethically and morally correct. During the conclusive moments of the film, James Cameron uses Jake Sully as a model for cultural interconnectivity between unlike cultures and species. Although there are obvious differences between these two species, Jake Sully was able to fill gap and become one with both humans, and the natives of Pandora.

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