Meet Jake Sully

Jake Sully preparing for his mission

Jake Sully is a physically handicapped ex-marine that was handpicked by the RDA (Resources Development Agency) due to his identical DNA to his twin brother’s untimely death.  He was briefed about a mission that would require him to inhabit a ten foot blue-skinned body resembling a Na’vi in order to participate in the “Avatar” program gauged towards acquiring highly desired resources.

Jake Sully as the Na’vi leader

Jake was faced with both physical and mental challenges because he is torn between whether to remain loyal to the RDA or to his newly found “family”, the Na’vi.  “His increasing allegiance to the Na’vi and their way of life exemplifies, in Cameron’s words, “a journey of perceptual change” of a consumerist society to embrace his “stewardship responsibilities to Nature”” (Mulrooney, 201).  During his ever increasing time in his hybrid body, Jake forms a unique relationship with the Na’vi tribe which allows him to discover injustices that are about to be forced about the inhabitants of Pandora.  It is at this point in the film where Jake Sully realizes his duty to uphold his moral obligations as an honorary Na’vi.