Meet Neytiri

Neytiri, the daughter of the Na’vi Chief

“Her heightened sensitivity to Pandora’s spiritual world and her nearly symbiotic relationship with the planet’s flora and fauna endow her with an aura of magical power akin to that of her literary ancestors … and a future tribal shaman of the Na’vi”  –    Collins, 108

Neytiri is introduced mid-movie after Jake Sully finally arrives on Pandora.  During her first encounter in the jungle with Jake Sully, Neytiri expresses her destain for Jake’s efforts to impersonate and befriend her family tribe.  As Jake Sully is able to manipulate Neytiri, their relationship becomes stronger until the point where Neytiri begins to trust Jake.  “Neytiri teaches that Hometree and all living beings are alive with the spirt of “Eywa,” described as a “network of energy” represented as bioluminescent, brightly colored seeds, trees, and animals” (Adamson, 143).  Although Neytiri was aware of the fact that Jake was indeed a human disguised as her own kind, she was willing to share some of her culture’s most sacred and embodied beliefs.

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After Jake is exposed to the Na’vi way of life, he is touched by the strong connection between the tribe members and their warm welcoming.  Realizing what he is about to do, he takes advantage of the little time he has left to warn Neytiri and his newly found family of the dangers they are about to face.  Neytiri is disheartened by his betrayal and binds him up before the entire tribe and states “I trusted you”. Despite Jake’s poor choices, Neytiri is able to overcome her heartbreak and trust Jake to help her save her home and family.