The Significance of Jake Sully and Neytiri

What is the meaning of these odd-looking spirits?

Click on the photo to your left to see the first interaction between Jake and Neytiri, and witness an odd phenomenon that occurs.

One may say this picture depicts jellyfish looking creatures, but after one reaches the planet of Pandora, they would have a much different idea of what they truly are.

These “jellyfish” are actually referred to as Woodsprite within the Na’vi culture.  The Woodsprites are depicted as spirits that embody a pure soul that hold true to Na’vi beliefs and values. Within the movie, the Woodsprites are introduced when they begin to swarm Jake Sully right after a conflict with a Na’vi, Neytiri.  These spirits are actually the reason why the conflict is resolved, these Woodsprites are a sign of both embracement, and welcoming from the Na’vi Spirit Eywa.  “As the coordinating process of all life on Pandora, Eywa is both physical and psychological … “Some believe interconnectedness, which on Earth is often considered a spiritual concept, exists in a physical and tangible way on Pandora”” (Taylor, 188).  This is one key point that explores the universal meaning of the Na’vi culture that even though we are physically different, we all are interconnected mentally and spiritually.

Click on the Image above if you would like to witness Jake Sully’s connection to “Mother”.

 Eywa is symbolized through the Tree of Souls which is the most sacred area for the Na’vi people.  This tree is a place of worship where all of the Na’vi people come together to practice tribal spirit and prayer.


The Woodsprite was a welcoming sign from the heart of the Na’vi to Jake Sully. Even though he was a human, he was also someone that embodied the values of a Na’vi.  Neytiri took notice to not only her initial feelings about Jake, but also the endorsement of her own peoples way of living.  Through the conflicts of the movie, Neytiri and Jake become close until they eventually get married and create a family of their own.

In this perspective, not only was Jake able to create a concrete foundation for his own family, but he was also welcomed into the family as one of the Na’vi.