Wolf Children- The Story

How Wolf Children represents a single-parent family being raised by the mother.

Wolf Children is not your typical movie about a college girl who falls in love with a werewolf and ends up having a family with them. Yes, that is exactly what happens but there is a more serious note to the movie as well. The children of the mother, whose name is Hana, are part wolf and part human due to the couples promiscuous habits while being together. As Hana raises her two children Yuki(which means snow, since she was born in winter) and Ame(which means rain since he was born in the rain) her husband disappears. Later we come to find he was hunting for the families dinner and a tragic event occurs, thus leaving Hana to raise her kids on her own. She leaves her city life and moves into the country where she has devoted herself to giving Ame and Yuki their own choice of whether or not they want to be a wolf or a human, or a bit of both. The movie then focuses on the life of the family as the children grow up and as Hana provides for them doing anything she can to support and raise her two wolf children.