Meet The Family

Hana is a young college student who falls in love with a mystery man during her years in college while Hanashe is working a low pay job to support herself. Her name roughly translates into smile, or happiness, which is what her character is to represent throughout the movie.

WolfManWolfManThe WolfMan is whom she falls in love with in this story, and he is never given a name. He is not like your average werwolf though. He can turn into one at will and is a descendant of a long line of extinct wolves in Japan.

As Hana and the mysterious but caring WolfMan spend their lives together they eventually give birth to their first child, Yuki, who is a little girl. Her Yukiname means Snow because she was born in the winter during a snow storm.

AmeA year or two later while WolfMan is out hunting for food, Hana gives birth to her second and last child, the younger brother to Yuki, and his name is Ame. His name means Rain, because he was born during a rainstorm. Sadly, that storm is also what causes Hana’s family to lose her husband and her children’s father.