Psychopathological Disorders in Kids

Ame before he runs away
Ame before he runs away

On the other hand she raises Ame just as well as she raises Yuki, but nothing is ever perfect in the world of parenting. Ame, who started off as a shy little momma’s boy, grows distant towards his family as he gets older and chooses he is happier as a wolf. But there’s something deeper than that. In single parent families there is a higher risk for children to form some sort of psychopathological disorder due to the stress and other pressures put onto the child by the circumstances of which they are living in. Depression like symptoms are more relevant in girls than in boys when in a single mother family, there are other external factors that can determine what disorder may form in a child if any. If a child goes through a stressful event such as losing a family member, moving to a new home, or being bullied in school, that child can be more susceptible to psychopathological disorders due to stress and other emotions. Children are more likely to form disorders if their mother is involved with illegal actions, or is an abusive or neglectful mother, or makes horrible parenting choices (Adolescent Psychopathology).

Ame as an adult wolf (He's 10)
Ame as an adult wolf (He’s 10)

Ame shows signs of depression as the movie goes on. At a young age he lost his father, so there will be less of an emotional impact(he barely knew him if at all) on him but still an impact as Hana teaches her kids to be just like their dad, to be a good person and better wolves. He too goes to school but does not enjoy it as much as the other children, but that is because he is also picked on by the kids for his shyness. Ame eventually drops out of school and goes to work with his mother where he finds an old wolf and “makes friends with it” by sitting and talking to it almost daily as if the wolf is the only person he trusts. On his own accord Ame spends more time at home and in the woods with a fox he befriended as a wolf and the fox teaches him how to survive in the wild. Despite Hana giving her children the choice to be wolf or human, as Ame tries to embark on his own into the woods to live, Hana, as any mother would do with their ten year old running away, tried to stop him and told him he is not a wolf, despite Hana saying they can be what they want. She realizes her mistake and allows Ame to be a wolf, but not until after some more drama that occurs in the movie involving Typhoon season in Japan.