Why should we care about Because of Winn-Dixie?

An attentive and curious audience might ask, “Why does any of this matter to me?”, “Why should I care how only having one parent affects Opal?” or maybe, “Why should I care if I consider a pet a member of my family?”.

The answer to those questions is rather simple. Because it pertains to everyday life and how you see it. As an audience, we are so used to seeing what is considered normal, and “nuclear families” are considered “normal”. Because of Winn-Dixie pushes the boundary of what we consider normal. It teaches its young audiences that it’s okay and normal to be raised by only one parent and that you don’t necessarily need two parents.

Over the past several years, the entertainment industry has begun exploring the “unusual”, whether that means exploring racially diverse, culturally diverse, and different sexual orientations of main characters. Disney and Pixar especially have branched out and begun exploring other options. This branching out has begun making diversity, a part everyday life.