This page will explore the cultural clash of an African American Family living in a predominantly white upper-middle class neighborhood.

Blackish is an American TV comedy show on ABC. The show follows Andre’s African American family while he tries to instill his cultural views and his upbringing into his children’s life while they live in a nice neighborhood and go to predominately white private school. This show provides comedic relief while addressing stereotypes many African Americans deal with on a daily basis.

The difference between previous TV shows that were centered around an African American family and Blackish, is that Andre and his wife Rainbow, are successful and have great jobs, and the show is not focused on them struggling to make ends meet but they do struggle to find a balance between spoiling their children while still giving them a better childhood then they had, especially Andre.

While Blackish is a comedy, the show talks about important issues, from time to time. The first episode that focused on an issues in America, was focused on police brutality, which caused many people to talk about the show in a positive and negative way. Other episodes focused on the election, layoffs, biracial and gay relationships. Even though Blackish, is a comedy it has managed to talk about real world issues while still being funny, and it has also helped other shows with a minority class be created and put on prime time TV and networks.