While the TV show is a hit, it still faces criticism and backlash. Many people argue that the show is racist and can’t believe that ABC has created this show. The show constantly shows white people in an negative light, for example, the Johnson’s neighbor is also hesitant to talk to the family and in the episode, she didn’t recognize her neighbor.She assumed he was a random black man knocking on her door.


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An article titled  ABC’s ‘Blackish’ Thinks White People Think About Black People…All the Time written by Dylan Gwinn claims that the show makes it seem like all white people do is think about African Americans. He describes a scene from the episode “The Johnson Show”. Andre’s office is planning on laying off people and he is worried about his job. He is also worried on how the parents at his children school will view him if he loses his job. Whenever a parent says “What a beautiful family”, they are actually saying that they are surprised that him and his wife are still together and that he is successful without being an athlete or rapper. Gwinn claims that white people are worried about real life issues like everyone else and don’t have time to worry about African Americans. He tries to explain “The reason why upper-income, non-athlete black families get noticed is because there relatively few of them” (Gwinn.) Due to that reason, you shouldn’t get mad when you someone is surprised, that is all, they know.

Many people, besides Gwinn, think that they show should be off the air because it focuses to much on stereotypes and strays away from family. African Americans think that they show brings them back a couple of years, because it makes it seem like they are still worried about being recognized and treated fairly. Even with the negative views from various people and are now President, Donald Trump the show is still going strong and is on its fourth season.