Please don’t ask, please don’t tell introduces sexuality into the series. Guest star Raven Symone plays Andre’s (Anthony Johnson) younger sister Rhonda. Rhonda has been living with her “roommate” Sharon for several years and the only people who do not know she is gay is her mother Ruby and her nephew Junior. Ruby believes that they are good friends and that Rhonda is waiting for a man.

Rainbow calls out Andre for not communicating with his sister knowing that she is gay and hasn’t come out yet. Andre argues that, he was raised to “please don’t ask, and please don’t tell”. Andre represents the people in society who are not comfortable discussing gay relationships or people, but doesn’t hate them at the same time. If we do not talk about it, the problem will never be solved.

This episode gained recognition, because the actor playing Andre’s sister, Rave Symone is gay. Instead of hiring an actor to play a gay character, they hired someone who is gay and had to struggle with coming out. In an interview with Oprah for her “Where are they Now” series, she talks about her knowing she was gay at 15 while still being on That’s so Raven. Raven argues that she doesn’t like labels and to not call her gay because labels don’t define a person.