The Word

One of their youngest children Jack performed a dancing and rapping routine to the famous song Gold Digger by Kanye West. He decided to use the explicit version which features then n-word. Andre confesses that he got the word from him, because they play the song everyday on the way to school. He tries to defend himself by saying it is Jack’s birthright to say the n-word.

The n-word, is a hard topic to discuss. It is used in a majority of Rap and Hip Hop songs which young kids listen to. Some African Americans say it as a way of talking back the word and making it there own, while others still believe it is a derogatory word. Replacing the ending from “er”, to “a” still doesn’t make it right to say. Also it is a hard topic to discuss because many African Americans think that they should be the only ones to say it.

Going to a predominately white college, I have lost count of the times I have heard the n-word walking by a group of white people or at a party. I was once greeted with ” what’s up my n…a”, and I all I did was laugh at the ignorance. Because they hear it in a song or sat it with there friends, they thought it was okay to call me that. I think the word should stop being used in music and in peoples daily vocabulary.