Cheaper by the Dozen: Is Bigger Better?

The film Cheaper by the Dozen is a comedy which depicts the lives of a married couple, Tom and Kate Baker, and their twelve children. The children in this family range from 22 years old to five years old, with two sets of twins. This film is about the Baker’s family and all of their chaos as Tom and Kate set out to follow their dreams, which means moving to a new town and their mother leaving for a short amount of time. The Baker family is not just any ordinary family. Raising twelve children is a very daunting task that requires the help of both parents and even all of the children. Plus, Tom and Kate are both getting their shot at their dream careers and do not want to miss it for anything. Although this film seems like a humorous, silly mess, family dynamics are shown all throughout the film in many different ways. Cheaper by the Dozen shows family dynamics such as the impacts of the absence of a mother, problems with moving to a new town, how gender roles are defined, and how all of the chaos brings the family together.

Image credit to Flickr user Chris Drumm (Labeled for non-commercial re-use)