Chaos Creating Unity

The Baker family is not like any other family displayed in films. The Baker’s consists of twelve children, with a lot of chaos. The opening scene shows the beginning of all of the chaos within the family. The family is trying to make breakfast and eat before school. It is quite a process to make a meal for a family of fourteen, but the family seems to have it down to a science. The family creates an assembly line and even with all of the early morning chaos, the family still manages to work together. After they are all sitting at the table about to eat breakfast, the pet frog, Beans, falls onto all of the food and the family is working together to try to catch the frog (Movieclips “Frog for Breakfast”). Even though the family is a mess and nothing seems to be going right, they are still working together and get the job done (even if it is in a long and messy way).

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The Baker children always seem to be up to no good and plotting something. Yuvita Awinda explored the behavior of the Baker children and described all of their chaos as their hobby. He even goes further to explain that their chaos is “fighting, fading, damaging, and destroying” (Awinda, 29). They do not only make chaos for their family, but they make chaos for the neighbors. The next door neighbors are the “perfect family” with one “perfect” child, but the Baker’s are a large family with rowdy children (Hall, 10). Just from being a large family, the neighbors assume that all of the children are uncontrolled and trouble, but Dylan, the neighbors’ son, is just not exposed to craziness like the Baker family. When the neighbors come over to greet the Bakers, Dylan tries to play with the Baker children and somehow ends up hanging from the chandelier (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). Of course Tom and the children quickly knew what to do since they are used to these kind of things happening. One of the types of chaos is fading chaos (Awinda, 31). Sarah and a few of the other children got together to fade their older sister’s, Nora’s, boyfriend since they do not like him. They make an elaborate plan where they soak Nora’s boyfriend’s underwear in meat so the dog attacks him (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). They all have a specific job in the plan and execute it together as a team. Although they are not doing something that is helpful or nice, the children still work together and accomplish their mission.

Frog for Breakfast. Credited YouTube and Fandango “MovieClips”

Through all of the chaos, it is very apparent that the family knows how to work together as a team. The family may seem dysfunction on the outside, but the family is actually very functional together. Chaos and messiness is just the way the family works and it actually brings the Baker family closer together. Chaos is good for a family because it gets them to troubleshoot and work as a team. Some families are very dysfunctional, but that is just the way they work and they make the chaos into an organized mess.