Moving to a New Town

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The Baker family is forced to move two hours away when Tom gets his job offer to coach a football team. Moving means that the children need to leave all of their friends and start fresh. When kids move to a new school with new people, they are more likely to become resilient (Warnick, 2016). The children of the Baker family became resilient after they move to their new home. When Tom drops the children off at school, they just stand by the car and look at Tom, indicating that they do not want to go to school because they do not have any new friends and are picked on (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). The children endure some bullies as they move to their new school, even the older children in high school are picked on (Michaelkemmer “I’m Just a Kid”). Children often have a difficult time moving to a new school due to trying to find a new circle of friends and network (Warnick, 2016).  The Baker children find it difficult to make friends and only really befriend their next door neighbor, Dylan (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). The only people the children really have is each other. This film shows the struggles that many children go through when they move to a new town. Psychologists hypothesize that children have difficulties with moving since they deal with “loss, grief, and loneliness” (Warnick, 2016). It is hard for children to adjust to their new home when they left everything they ever knew behind.

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The children of the Baker family do not take the move well. Before the family moves, the Baker’s have a family meeting and ask the kids to vote on whether or not they wanted to move. Most of the children voted on not moving (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). The children already have a negative feeling about moving so they go into the new town with a lot of negative feelings. When the family finally moves, some of the children become very resilient and misbehave. Charlie and Mark are the ones who begin to act out the most. Charlie is a great football player and is even trying to be recruited to play football in college. Charlie left his girlfriend behind when he moved, which really upset him. In reaction to moving, Charlie begins to become careless in school. His grades begin to fall, he is about to be expelled, and he is even kicked off of the football team (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). The move was very rough for Charlie and he responded to his issues by being defiant. A study from psychologist Melody Warnick found that teenagers are the ones to have the worst effects from moving (2016). Nine-year-old Mark also went through a rough time when the family moved. Before the family even moved, Mark felt left out and did not think he belonged in the family since he looked different than everyone else. Mark felt even more alone after the family moved, but he had a pet frog named Beans and that was his only friend. He also was bullied at his new school (Levy, Cheaper by the Dozen). Mark was the child who was affected the most by the move. He felt so lonely that he ended up running away when his frog died.


Moving is very hard on a family, the children especially. The effects of moving can be seen through the children and how they become resilient and misbehave. When children move to a new town, they feel lonely, are often bullied, and feel as if they do not belong. It may take children a while to start to form friendships and adjust to their new town (Warnick, 2016). It will take the children time to adjust to their new surroundings and settle in. The only people the children of the Baker family have is each other. The move definitely brought the family closer and it taught them to rely on each other since family is the only people that you know will always be there for you