Family Dynamics in The Sopranos

The Sopranos¬†is set in northern New Jersey and focuses on a family of four Italian-Americans. However, this family may not be considered your “everyday family.” With the patriarch of the family, Tony Soprano, involved in organized crime, life is not always considered “normal” for the Sopranos. What other family can live in a wealthy neighborhood in a huge house, drive a Mercedes-Benz, have a stay-at-home mother, and have a father work as a waste-disposal consultant? These are ¬†questions that people in the Sopranos’ community ask, but could never answer. The story presented in this show gives an inside view at the double life that this family is forced to live due to the criminal activity that takes place.

The Sopranos presents an image of family structure within an Italian American family. Although they are expected to follow certain traditions and live up to specific standards set by their ancestral predecessors, the family and the people who associate with the Sopranos find themselves struggling to do so. This paper explores a comparison of traditional Italian American family structure and values with the structure of this Italian American family.

The Sopranos