The Brutal Truth about Family in Shameless

The Gallagher Family. Top left to right: Debby, Fiona, Frank, and Lip. Bottom Left to right: Liam, Carl, and Ian.

The Netflix series Shameless is about a poor family that is raised by their older sister because their parents are both drug and substance abusers and rarely around. This series shows the brutal truth about what life is like for a poor family with these hardships and how they manage to keep the family together against all odds. For most families, the household is run by the parents. In Shameless it is quite obvious in the first episode that the parents are nowhere to be found mainly because Frank is too drunk to get off the floor and Monica left when Fiona was still a teenager, which means both parents have little to no involvement in raising the kids. Instead Fiona, who is the oldest sister, is raising her younger siblings along with the help of the second oldest Philip (Lip). The two of them raise their siblings Ian, Debby, Carl, and Liam. They make sure they get to school on time and are able to put food on the table whether it be through stealing or scrounging enough money around to buy fast food as well as try to pay the bills with the money they have hidden throughout the house.  Although Shameless has its rough patches and is sometimes hard to watch it shows how well this family sticks together even though things get really tough at times.