Cascading Failures

One episode in particular shows how greatly Franks alcoholism jeopardizes the family and causes Fiona to go crazy and stress. The episode is during season 3 and is called Cascading Failures. In this episode, the children are taken away by child services because an anonymous caller had called them from a previous episode. This anonymous caller is Frank. Frank was mad that the kids had kicked him out of the house so to get back at them he goes to the Alibi and calls child services. A few episodes later in Cascading Failures the children are shown getting into a van where they are taken to different families until Fiona is able to get them back. In the meantime Fiona scrambles around to find out who called child services on them and tries her best to get the kids back any way possible. She even asks her close friends to become foster parents in hopes the kids can be given to them that way they are all together. This shows how badly Fiona wants the family together and back under her care. It shows how much Fiona and this family cares about one another unlike their father who is failing at being a parent. At the end of this episode the child services lady leaves her desk and hints to Fiona that she can listen to the recording of the person that called them. When she listens she quickly realizes that it was Frank. The next few episodes she spends her time trying to become the legal guardian of the kids. Even though Fiona is their older sister and she should be off doing her own thing living her own life she still sticks around to take care of the kids and push them to be better than their parents. This shows how Fiona even though is their sister is being a better parent than their actual parents.