Poor Families

The Gallagher’s had it rough as it was with no parents to be found and the added stress of their older sister being the only parental care they also lacked a steady income. The family was always scrounging for money and hiding it from their father Frank. Frank would always steel the money and go buy alcohol with it and if he didn’t get his way well he’d throw a temper tantrum and do something horrible to retaliate. Fiona never had a steady job and if she did have a job it was rarely enough money. They had just enough to pay for the bills sometimes and buy the bare necessities for food. Normally their food had to last them awhile or it was unhealthy fast food. Another thing the show really hit on was when they shared one cell phone amongst them all. In Showtime’s ‘Shameless’ New Show About Poverty “Any minutes left?” Fiona asks as she catches it. The answer is 14”. This quote from the shows how the family uses one cell phone to take care of everything. They also lost heat at one point during the series. This happened because there was no money in the squirrel fund (video below) and Fiona was unable to get a job so they had no income. The families one steady source of income was from their Aunts social security. She had died so Frank buried her in the back yard just to keep it from the government that she had passed away so he could get her money. In ‘Shameless’ Review they explain “He continues to cash her checks in order to benefit financially”. (Fleming) One episode they spend digging up the backyard looking for her body and they also stage her death using someone else’s body. In doing this they upset Frank because that money was for his alcohol and drug addiction. This leads into how being poor didn’t help with the alcoholism and drug addiction. The only money they would have or get Frank would steal and buy alcohol or drugs. Being poor also caused the kids mostly Carl to sell drugs or other forms of illegal contraband. Another thing the ‘Shameless’ Review expressed was “She’s (Fiona) always working odd-jobs- she dropped out of high to raise them (the kids)” (Fleming). They point out the fact that Fiona is always working  sometimes multiple jobs or weird jobs just so they have an income even if it’s only a little bit. The ‘Shameless’ Examines True Family Values proclaims”Each of the six Gallagher children pull their own weight.” (Cullinane). When the kids become old enough and they aren’t in school they usually find a summer job so they can help bring in money. The entire family works together to get money and pay the bills even if it means they have to scrounge around the house for money.

Fiona finding out that the squirrel fund was spent by Monica and Frank on a car, drugs, alcohol, and other miscellaneous things.