What Shameless Teaches Us

When alcoholism and drug addiction go hand and hand with siblings raising siblings it puts a lot of stress on a family. This is clearly seen in Shameless. They have to work twice as hard just to keep the family together and them being poor doesn’t help the situation. They show how strong their family is when they have been handed the most difficult of situations. The article Shameless: An Examination of Addiction and Alcoholism in the Family expresses “Addiction affects the homeostasis of a household, which influences the changing roles in the family.” (Carreiro, 24). This shows why the two go hand in hand in Shameless because the parents are busy with alcohol and drugs that they leave Fiona to raise her younger siblings. This changes the roles in the family to Fiona taking over the parental roles. Monica walking out on the kids couldn’t have helped the family either. At one point Fiona is seen as getting very upset because she doesn’t understand why her mother wasn’t around to raise her but is there now and wants Liam. Fiona is very strong throughout the entire series and only really breaks down when something really bad happens. These things also leave Fiona dealing with keeping the rest of the family away from drugs and alcohol. She spends a lot of her time keeping her younger siblings on track and often loses sight of herself.  Shameless is very good at showing the brutal truth behind what really goes on in such a dysfunctional family. In the article Rutgers Students express ‘Shameless’ obsession with award-wining TV show expresses “Shameless cuts out the classic ‘American Dream’ and white picket fences and brings its viewers a reality check.” The series makes it very easy for people to relate with because they don’t sugar coat what is going on. They show you what it really is like to be poor, be raised by and older sibling, and have alcoholism and drug addiction in the family. The TV series shows us how great of a bond the family (siblings) has as well because even though their parents rather be involved in drugs or alcohol then take care of them. They still have each other and that’s all they really need.

This video shows a touching moment between Fiona and Carl and how he opens up to her. This shows how close the siblings really are with one another.