Adoption in The Blind Side

The Blind Side

Movie Cover of The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side was released in 2009 and is categorized as a sport/drama film, however, it portrays a lot about family. It demonstrates stepping out of your comfort zone, raising kids to be accepting and caring, and ultimately being thankful for family. Sandra Bullock stars as Mrs. Tuohy,the adoptive mother of Michael Oher played by Quinton Aaron. As an African American homeless teenager, he is welcomed into a white nuclear family with two parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tuohy, and two siblings, Collins and S.J. They care for him in their prestigious mansion in an affluent neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee and keep him from wandering through the streets or scavenging for food. Although Michael is timid to admit he has no place to go when asked by Mrs. Tuohy, telling her her the truth was one of the best decisions of his life. Not only did he get a roof over his head, but he got a family.  The movie plot sparks the question in the audience’s mind, what are the effects of diversity on adoptive families? Diversity in this case encompasses multiracial adoption, and economic class differentiation, as well as the influence an adopted child’s past life has on them. The movie portrays very realistic common struggles adopted children may go through according to research, and does so accurately. Although in the end Michael earns a scholarship to play football at the University of Mississippi and shortly after in the NFL, the movie depicts the true meaning of family.