Family Dynamics

In the movie Interstellar, the theme of family importance is evident. Christopher Nolan exaggerates common family interactions throughout the movie, so the viewers will realize the important message he’s trying to get across. The main families, The Cooper’s and the Brand’s, have similar relationships for they all cherish the same values, that make their bonds even closer. These bonds showed prominent in the families, even during the separation of dimensions.

These families also have similar experiences that influenced these values, too. In both households, the children lost their mothers at an early age. Studies show that 1 out of 10 children will lose a parent at a young age (Carver 106)¬†and in the movie we saw this and how it effected the kids. The daughters responded to this, by becoming closer to their fathers. Brand and Murphy, both shared similar interests with their fathers and looked to them as a role model. They both ended up following in their father’s footsteps, but Cooper’s only son, Tom, did not. The son became detached from his family after his mother died because Murphy drew closer to her father. The death of their mothers and the absence of fathers influenced them greatly. This is because parents or guardians have the biggest impact on the emotional development of adolescents. Parents instill their habits, morals and ideas into their children whether its intentional or not. Analyzing the relationships throughout the movie, it is evident that the main characters were in fact influenced by their living parent.


In an interview for Hollywood Reporter, Christopher Nolan, the director of Interstellar, had two brothers whom he was close to. In fact, he even wrote the script for the movie with his brother, Jonathan Nolan. (Galloway 1). Their relationship and backgrounds when making the script could have influenced the movie tremendously. I believe the whole movie is based around family because they wrote it together and it meant a lot to them.

Christopher (Left) and Jonathan Nolan (Right) Courtesy of