Parental Influence

Alexandra Murphy wrote about how parents have a strong influence on their children and their future (Murphy 1). They look up to the adults in the household, so they acquire the same ideas, habits and morals. This is difficult for broken homes because there is usually only one parent. Single parents have to be careful because they could either send their child in the right or wrong direction.

We saw how influential parents are Tom was handed many responsibilities at a young age and when Cooper left for the mission, his tasks expanded. Tom had to take care of the farm and eventually started his own family, which he was extremely protective with. The loss of his mother and his father’s actions angered him and influenced his ideals on family. Therefore, he tried to forget about his hard past by starting over with his family and ostracizing his sister. He did not want to be anything like his father, for he thought his father abandoned him and the farm, unlike Murphy who understood her father’s actions.

Cooper and Murphy working on her project together. Courtsey of Warner Bros.

Murphy on the other hand was influenced differently by her father. She was always fascinated with science and engineering because her and her father bonded over new experiments or toys and when her mother died, this drew them closer. So, when her father left, she continued her science career and wanted to help her father and humanity. Murph received her father’s stubbornness when pursuing a goal. She didn’t want to give up on her father, even though she did show she was distressed after he was gone so many year, she never stopped studying. She also showed her strong morals when she cared for her older brother and his family, but most importantly when she started her family. She was devoted to finding the formula and a safer place to life, before having a family. Eventually, she did have a family, but only until she knew it was safe. Murph did this because she didn’t want to put her family in danger, especially after everything they have already been through.

Like Murphy, Amelia received many qualities from her father. Professor Brand influenced her by working at NASA, she was introduced to science at a early age as well. Amelia, was determined to save mankind just like her father and were ready to do anything they could. The movie wasn’t focused on their relationship, but there¬†were glimpses¬†where you could tell they had the same endearment as Murph and Cooper.