Main Relationships

The Cooper’s

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
  • Joe “Cooper” Cooper: An engineer that worked for NASA for two years, then left work to run his father’s farm. After having two children (Murphy and Tom) his wife died and was forced to be a single parent. Later, he was requested by NASA to pilot a spacecraft on a mission to save the world.
  • Murphy “Murph” Cooper: Daughter of Cooper, who called her Murph. At a young age, 10 when her father left, she was an intelligent student, who was interested in space and science. She had a close relationship with her father and enjoyed spending shadowing him throughout his work. Older Murph, ended up working for Professor Brand at NASA. She was developing a equation of gravity in order to save mankind as well. She lived underground in the safety of NASA territory.
  • Tom Cooper: Son Cooper, who is 5 years older than Murphy. He was destined to run the family farm, which he ends up doing and raises a family of four. He isolates his family and himself here and doesn’t not even talk to his sister. 

The Brand’s

  • Professor John Brand: Single parent, worked at NASA and lead the space mission “Endurance” which he sent Cooper and his daughter on. He stayed at the NASA headquarters and worked with Murph to search for the equation as well.
  • Amelia Brand: Daughter of Professor Brand who was addressed as “Brand” throughout the movie. She also lost her mother at a young age, so she was raised by her father. Brand went to school and then worked for her father at NASA. She accompanied Cooper on the “Endurance” space mission because she was one of the only ones prepared to do so.