Self – Sacrificial Roles in Families

Studies have shown that “… self-sacrifice is a powerful and essential part of social life generally, and family life in particular” (Bahr 1231). ¬†It is prominent that people¬†make selfless acts in order to benefit their loved ones. This is very common in families because it’s a sense of natural instinct to protect the ones we love. Therefore, if someone really cares, they will be willing to give up something in hopes to help another person. This also draws families closer because they know that they have people surrounding them that will do anything to protect them. Christopher Nolan demonstrates this idea of self sacrifice throughout the entire movie.

The mission in Interstellar, “Endurance,” was the epitome of selflessness acts. The mission was to save mankind in general, but those on the mission were personally thinking about their families. Cooper was thinking about his daughter and son. Even though he know how much he meant to them because they already lost their mother he went. He went because he was thinking about their future, he didn’t want them to suffer. Just like Brand, she knew her father was capable of making the trip, so she went in order to save him and what he has been working towards his whole life.

When Cooper took this trip he mentioned that it was just for his family, he was thinking about all the other families. This says a lot about his strong morals. He fought to keep his family together after his wife’s death and he’s fighting to keep every family in the world together. He knows what his family means to him and the importance it has all over the world, so he’s willing to put his life in danger to protect all families.

Murphy was also a very selfless person throughout the movie, which is another trait she gets from her father. She sacrificed her whole life and any plans she had, in order to try to help Brand figure the equation and get her father back home safely. She did not start a family for a while because she was dedicated to her work and trying to save mankind along side of NASA. We also saw her altruistic side when her brother, who she had not talked to for years, didn’t want to leave the house during a destructive dust storm. She went to the house and rescued his family and then finally him. This is another way Nolan shows that family will always be there no matter what.