Finding Nemo

Image result for finding nemoGrowing up, I watched Disney and Pixar movies all the time. There was always a Disney or Pixar movie playing on the television. VCR or DVD, Disney and Pixar movies shaped my life. They shaped my life in the sense that they all had underlying messages about family, love, life, friendship, etc. Specifically, Finding Nemo shaped my life more so than others. Now, the Toy Story series up there, but it does not compare to what Finding Nemo has to say.

Finding Nemo has a lot of underlying messages about family, love, life and friendship. Yet, family is the main message in Finding Nemo. It talks about alternative family styles, loyalty of family, the influence of family, and the never ending love found in families. Pixar brings awareness to these messages throughout the move. This can be seen through the tank family in the dentist office, the sharks, the EAC sea turtles, and, of course, Nemo, Marlin, and Dory. Each group is a family of their own in different ways and roles.

Pixar uses family to bring up a problem that families face today. This problem is the loss of a spouse. In the first few minutes of Finding Nemo, Marlin loses his wife Coral. Today and when Finding Nemo first came out in theaters, this is a problem that families and couples face. Whether it be from death or divorce, Pixar brings awareness to it. They do not resolve Marlin’s sadness of losing Coral, because realistically no one recovers from a loved ones death. Pixar wanted to bring awareness to it since it is a problem that families face and no one really discusses it.

With these two messages in Finding Nemo, Pixar is trying to get across two messages. The first message is that there are many different types of families in the world today and America has changed far from the nuclear family dynamic. Secondly, families face losing a spouse/parent and that everybody has different coping methods, but there is a wound that will never heal in the person who lost their spouse. Pixar used these two messages to show that family will always be there for one another no matter the situation. Plus, they were trying to make aware that not every family is perfect and they all face their hardships every now and then. That is just how life works. Yet, Pixar puts a light-hearted spin on it trying to influence families to take a light-hearted spin when they come to face situations in their families. Overall, Finding Nemo is about showing everyone that families face problems all the time and the structure is much different from the stereotypical 1960s household. Pixar shows that it does not matter what the problem is, it is how someone deals with it that matters.