Money and Social Class in Grown Ups

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This website will analyze the social class and financial aspects within the movie Grown Ups.

Throughout today’s pop culture, the concept of family and relationships is evident and portrays different kinds of familial structures. There are many outside pressures that can hinder the overall configurations of families. Money and income play a large part in how a family is brought up as well as the standards and expectations that are set regarding those individuals. The way in which people grow up establishes a type of image they wish to convey and that often includes money and financial status. The movie Grown Ups demonstrates different family structures and the role that social class and income plays among them.

Grown Ups is about five lifelong friends that are reunited after the death of their middle school basketball coach. Now adults with families, they all travel together to honor their coach and spend a summer vacation at the lake house where they celebrated their basketball victory years ago. After spending time together, they easily revert to their crazy childhood antics with their children following in their footsteps. Lenny Feder is a successful talent agent in Hollywood that is married to a famous fashion designer. Together they have three spoiled kids that have high societal standards from being brought up surrounded by money. Eric Lamonsoff is a co-owner of a lawn furniture company and has two kids with his wife Sally, who continues to over nurture her growing children. Kurt McKenzie is a stay at home dad whose wife is the breadwinner of the family. They have two kids with one on the way. Rob Hilliard has been divorced three times and has three daughters among these marriages. He later married a woman who is thirty years older than him. Finally, Marcus Higgins is a single guy who does everything in his power to try to attract a woman (Ebert). This diverse group of friends depict the differences in their family structures and the aspects that contribute to the way they are brought up and act. Throughout the movie, it is evident that these friends react in different ways because of their social class and the amount of money they make. Grown Ups is primarily based on the coming together of multiple families and allows us to see the differences among society and how individuals are brought up.

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