Role Parents Play in Finances

Parents play an important role in the finances of a family involving their incomes, taxes, and everyday expenses. The way they manage their money impacts their whole family and the people surrounding them. They are also the main providers for their families with the money that they make through their professions. The Fader family is the first family of the five friends that is introduced in the movie. Almost immediately their mansion like home is on display. Both Lenny and his wife Roxanne have high paying jobs within Hollywood as a successful talent agent and a famous fashion designer. These two jobs are extremely demanding and were the causes of many disturbances throughout their trip while they were surrounded by friends that they have not seen in a while. For example, Roxanne had an originally planned trip for the whole family to leave the lake house after two days and go to one of her fashion shows in Milan, Italy. For the Fader family, a trip to Milan was not out of the ordinary unlike the rest of the families that they were surrounded by. Lenny’s phone is also constantly going off for important business calls with clients. In their friend group, he is known for his successful occupation and among them he is referred to as “Hollywood” although he is not particularly fond of the name. Both Lenny and Roxanne are accountable for the money that they make and how they manage it. The way in which they handle that income makes an impression on the overall structure of their family and the roles they play as adults maintaining their money. It is stated that, “research on the incidence of traditional and modern sex-role attitudes suggests that modern attitudes are more likely to be found among respondents who are younger, more highly educated, and higher in social status” (Rosen and Granbois). This shows how these “sex attitudes” or gender roles, impact the familial financial management. It also directly relates to the Fader family being more modern with the careers that they have embarked on and how their higher social class contributes to it. Through the research that was conducted in this journal article, it was found that since more people are attending college and equalitarian sex-role views are becoming more predominant, the importance of the husband’s role in this is increasing. The wife’s working “status/motivation” is also significant to the role structure including decisions and tasks of the men (Rosen and Granbois). It is evident that both Fader parents make a significant impression with the money that they make.

photo of the actor Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler who plays Lenny Fader
photo of the actor Kevin James
Kevin James who plays Eric Lamonsoff
photo of the actor Chris Rock
Chris Rock who plays Kurt McKenzie
photo of the actor David Spade
David Spade who plays Marcus Higgins
photo of the actor Rob Schneider
Rob Schneider who plays Rob Hilliard