Production and Innovation

How is a monster movie made? Here are some fun facts!

  • Adam Sandler used a “variation on his Zohan voice” for Dracula (TIFF) He also practiced the voice in the shower. (HT audio commentary)
  • Murray’s entrance scene was one of the hardest to create for those in the visual effects department, it used “millions of pieces of sand” (HT audio commentary)
  • Dracula was somewhat “based on Adam Sandler’s physical appearance” (Gennedy Tartakovsky)
  • Adam was the backbone that brought the cast together and helped Gennedy gather such a well known cast.
  • More than half of the voice over actors are parents
  • There is a poster hidden in the background of Mavis’ room that has Selena Gomez (Mavis’ Voice Actor) on it. (IMDb)
  • Dracula’s hearse has Romanian plates (IMDb)
  • It was the 19th highest grossing film of 2012 (IMDb)