One Arm Advantage


Despite the horrific shark attack, Bethany was very determined to get back into the water and to continue working on her dream of becoming a pro surfer. When asked in an interview if she had any fears of going into the water again,

Bethany surfing currently

she replied with “my main fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to surf any longer. In the end, my love for surfing helped me overcome my fear of sharks” (Hamilton). After much hard work on a specially designed surfboard, her dream came true in 2007 when she became a pro surfer. More recently, Bethany made it to the World Surf League competition in Fiji where she beat Tyler Wright, the world’s number one surfer, giving Bethany a win in the third

Bethany, Husband Adam and son Tobias

round of the competition. The film goes beyond the book stating Bethany’s belief that boys would no longer like her or want to marry her because she had only one arm, but a friend, Adam Dirks changed her belief by becoming her husband. The couple still live on the North Shore of Kauai and have just had their first child, Tobias. In the future, Bethany plans to continue surfing competitively, promoting fitness, being active within her family, and speaking about her faith.